Madeleine Davies

So lovely to see this

In Health on March 1, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Just over two years ago I left my job at Breakthrough Breast Cancer where I had been project manager for a campaign called The Service Pledge for Breast Cancer. I spent three years visiting breast cancer units across the UK, researching what patients thought about their experience and then working with the specialist nurses and other staff to try and improve it. I loved the job. The changes made were not always massive. I remember at one unit they installed a beautiful picture designed to look like a view of the countryside in the room where women underwent scans, just so that you didn’t have to stare at a blank wall during the process.

The best part of the job was meeting the specialist nurses, who were some of the kindest people you will ever meet, and so dedicated to supporting women and their families. I remember one saving up Tesco vouchers to give to the family of one of her patients to help with the weekly food shop. Another bought every single one of the scarves a patient was knitting and selling for charity.

Anyway, this video shows one of the units I worked with most closely – the Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire. When I first arrived the nurses were working in a portakabin and as you can see they now work in a lovely unit with a friendly receptionist and a counselling service run by Doreen – the nurse in this video who I so enjoyed working with.

Lovely to see!

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