Madeleine Davies


Hello! Welcome to my blog.

My friend Mike suggested I set this up. He is an expert programmer who knows about things like decent widget frameworks. He also told me that arguments about blogs being egotistical died out about five years ago. Lordy, I hope he’s right.

I am a journalist at Church Times and I’ve also written for The Guardian and The Times online about a mix of things: faith, education and my encounters at the 2006 Tory party conference. You can find these in the Articles section.

I’m interested in politics and its relationship with religion. I’ve carried out research in the NHS using the Freedom of Information Act with the findings published in The Sunday Times and have written a lot of articles about mental health and cancer. Before I became a journalist I spent three years at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, working with local NHS hospitals to create more patient-friendly services. I met some very kind and brilliant women.

I spend too much time on YouTube watching old Alan Partridge clips and montages set to music by fans of The Office: An American Workplace.

I am working my way through all the four star films in the Halliwell’s Guide. I loved Badlands and Walkabout. I struggled through Yojimbo.

This blog will be about many things and powered by a decent widget framework.

Thanks for dropping by!


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