Madeleine Davies


Here are some articles I’ve written for magazines

There for me (PDF)

I wrote for Reform magazine about how the Church can support bereaved families

Here are some articles I’ve written for The Guardian’s Comment is Free site :

Doing God, finally

Tony Blair talking about his faith

The moral of the story

A report from a Science and Technology Committee session on abortion

Parent trap

Looking at IVF and concepts of parenthood

Onwards and upwards

Middle class schooling aspirations

Choosing life

On breast cancer and genetics

The courage of young mothers

Teenage pregnancy in the UK

Who wants to live forever?

Bit of a philosophical one, that

Our devoted leaders

Should politicians be more open about their faith?

I don’t remember the bad old days

Is it possible to be nice and a Tory?

Here is some research I carried out using the Freedom of Information Act and published in The Times.

Access to cancer drugs (Sunday Times article)

Access to psychological therapies (The Times article)

And finally, some articles on healthcare published in Health Insurance magazine

Clinical trials

Are cancer patients treated in the private sector missing out on participating in research into new treatments?

Infection control

I shadow an infection control nurse tasked with preventing MRSA and other healthcare associated infections at a private hospita

Capital care

My overview of private healthcare in London

Quality control

How the NHS is improving the quality of care

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