Madeleine Davies

Hello Cleveland!

In Miscellaneous on February 1, 2011 at 7:45 pm

In between watching The Seven Samurai (very good) and eating Heinz tomato soup (even better) I have started a blog. My first proper piece, which I’m about to upload, is all about the NHS – our national religion according to Nigel Lawson. You might find it interesting if you’ve been following the Government’s plans to shake up the NHS. Later on I expect I’ll write something about my latest encounter with Japanese cinema. So far the hero has chucked some rice balls at a thief, a blind monk playing the lute has been (slightly rudely) sshhed and a plan is forming to defend the millet harvest. Exciting times.

  1. You write the sentences; who writes the words? Do you think you’ll ever write a spherical article?

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